Alexander P. Gonzales

Alexander P. Gonzales (Alex) has lived an adventurer’s life, traveling all around the world. Alex graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Maritime Transportation. However, his first love has always been art. Over the years, Alex has honed his craft through dedicated experimentation and self-directed study. In 1977, he became a member of the Philippine Association of Printmakers. Alex was also a member of the Pasig Art Club of Pasig City, Philippines.

Alex’s medium of choice is oil. His early works reflected the adventures he undertook while sailing aboard ships. Later works depicted subjects painted in figurative abstract and expressionist styles with a touch of Fauvism. Alex’s style has been influenced and inspired by his encounters and studies of street painters and European artists. He has been drawn to artistic styles which feature brilliant and bold colours that evoke a lively atmosphere. Another favorite style is “naive art”.

Figures are a staple subject of Alex’s work. He also paints abstract works and portraits. Alex continues to pursue his passion for art through constant study and improvement as he establishes his own unique identity as an artist.