Bueno Silva

Bueno Silva
©2013 Photographed by: Fabie de Silva

Born in Baguio City, Philippines 1941 – right in the middle of World War II was a rough beginning for his parents whose plights just to avoid the Japanese Imperial Army were enough to make anyone wonder how one survives. His immediate family ended up in Mindanao – The southernmost major island of the Philippines and situated at GeneralSantos City. As the second eldest of the 19 total siblings from the same set of parents brought another mind-boggling condition in his early upbringing in the farm.

Fleeing the farm life and on to Manila, the hustle-bustle city provided the right conditions and factors for Bueno’s early art awareness. Albeit being an accounting-major student of University of the East prepared him for the academic requirements, quitting and venturing to be a full time artist-painter prepared him for the artistic endeavors to come.

Marriage life and with three children (total of four) encouraged him at that time to settle a full time living in commission portraits. He dreamt to paint in oils the portrait of then Pope Paul VI. The vision materialized and presented the Pope his semi-life size portrait done from various photographs in person together with his wife in 1972.

The Pope portrait catapulted his career into prominence receiving accolades from mainstream / national media and various art communities. Awards and fame led towards commissioned portraits of various luminaries from the Prince Bolkhia of Brunei(now King/Sultan), Don Zobel de Ayala (posed live), various presidents of banks and corporations. Simultaneously, commission works from the Religious of the Virgin Mary (RVM) sect for a large Our Lady of the Beaterio from Binondo, Manila. National postage stamps honored it capping the whole decade of the 70s.

The new decade of the 80s began his family’s immigration to the United States with a solo Show in San Francisco entitled Sining Pilipino in 1979. The show was unveiled by then Mayor Diane Feinstein (later to be Democratic Senator). Live TV News coverage of a large-scale portrait of then president Ferdinand Marcos (now in province of Ilocos Norte) for his last presidential campaign. Portraits of John Paul II and President Ronald Reagan highlighted the whole 80s.

Mid 80s to 90s highlights the emigration to Fredericksburg, Va where a successful solo show winning awards in the White House. Chicago became his new found home in the late 80s. The most dramatic transformation of new works happened in Chicago where in the new city where the Art Institute of Chicago boasts of the most French Impressionists outside of France. The biggest influences were the post-Impressionists and the Fauve movements seen in current works. And in this stage, he has come a full-circle in discovering different modalities and realities.

His vast experiences prompt him to create more. He currently lives with his wife Patria and maintains a studio. Three of his four children are married and also leading full and creative lives of their own. His son Fabie de Silva is following his foot-steps as an artist.

Awards, Fellowships, Grants & Citations:

2007: Bueno Silva ” The Impressionist Artist in America” Published by: Joanne Zapanta-Andrada. January 08, 2007 for International Release Philippine Interview.

2000: Gintong Pamana Award Foundation, Inc. Anahaw Award recipient in Art. Philippine TIME- U.S.A. News & People Magazine

2002: The life size Portrait of John and Steven Baird, owner of the famous Baird & Warner Real Estate Company, Chicago, IL. was formally unveiled during the annual awards celebration at The Art Institute of Chicago in February 06.

2003: The Portrait of Gen. Paulino Torres Santos was formally unveiled at the General Paulino Santos Museum, Gen. Santos City, South Cotabato. Another Masterpiece by Bueno Silva.

1998: The Filipino Americans From 1763 to the Present. Their History, Culture and Traditions authored by Veltisezar Bautista Bookhaus Publishers, USA. Featured Profile of Notable Filipino- American Artists. Chicago Filipino-American Hall of Fame, Chicago, IL. Recipient of the Chicago Filipino-American Hall of Fame Award in the field of Visual Arts.

1994: International Art Reference, Inc. A second edition of the Chicago Art & Antiques Guideline. “The Red Table, Ser. # 1 in Oil Painting featured and endorsed by B.A.G.I.T. Gallery (Black Art Group International, Chicago, IL.

1992: Certificate of Recognition Asian Youth Conference City of Chicago, Department of Human Services Chicago, IL.

1987: Take Pride in America 1987 – National Awards Semi-Finalist for the Solo Art Exhibition “The Beauty of Fredericksburg” White House, Washington, D.C.

1987: Take Pride in America 1987 – State Awards Top Honors for the Solo Art Exhibition “The Beauty of Fredericksburg” Richmond, VA

1985: National Postage Stamp Issue “The Our Lady of the Beaterio”, September 8 Commissioned oil painting for the Order of the Religious of the Virgin Mary Manila, Philippines

1985: Catholic Digest, Cover and Featured The oil painting of the The Our Lady of the Beaterio December 12, Commissioned for the Order of the Religious of the Virgin Mary Manila, Philippines

1976: Nude in the Philippines, By Alfredo Roces Featured a female drawing for the book Exploring the Figurative Movement in the Philippines. Manila, Philippines

1975: University of the East’s Humanities Textbook By: Santiago Albano Pilar, featured still life painting. Manila, Philippines

1974: Philippine Institute of Awards Achievement Award for the Portrait of His Holiness Pope Paul VI Manila, Philippines

1970: Medal of Achievement A Vatican medallion and seal from His Holiness, Pope Paul VI Citing the presentation of His Portrait. Manila, Philippines

1970: The Sunday Times Magazine ( Manila Times) Cover and Featured the portrait of His Holiness Pope Paul VI in commemoration to His Pastoral Visit to the Philippines, November 27. Manila, Philippines

1970: The Filipinas Life Insurance and Assurance Co., Inc. Featured the Portrait of His Holiness Pope Paul VI A pocket calendar and wall calendar distributed throughout the world in Commemoration to His Pastoral visit to the Philippines, November 27. Manila, Philippines

1970: Filipinas Magazine (Veritas, Catholic Archidioses’ Monthly News) Cover and featured the Oil Portrait of His Holiness Pope Paul VI in Commemoration to His Pastoral visit to the Philippines, November 27. Manila, Philippines

1970: Tourism, a weekly magazine of the Philippines’ Department of Tourism & Industry, Cover and Featured the oil painting of His Holliness Pope Paul VI in commemoration to His Pastoral Visit to the Philippines, November 27. Manila, Philippines

1998: Statement by Teresa J. Parker, Curator for Elmhurst Art Museum, Elmhurst, IL

“The paintings evoke an other worldly sensation of “Passion Under The Surface”

January 19, 2001

Teresa J. Parker, Director, Crown Center
Gallery at Loyola University Chicago writes:

“…Eulalio Bueno Silva, Jr., can be ranked among the premiere portrait painters working in Chicago today, Considering that he is self-trained artist, this is a notable achievement.

For over twenty-five years, numerous portrait clients, from local businessmen to foreign dignitaries to religious figures, have commissioned Silva. They are a testament to his talent and prominence in the art field”.

September 19, 2002

Teresa J. Parker
Director of Loyala University
Chicago’s Crown Gallery
Independent Curator:

“Eulalio Bueno Silva’s superior talent continues to amaze and delight his audiences, and his commission portraits are highly sought after. His distinguished career as a portrait artist is without parallel.”

Ed. Note: Teresa J. Parker is a Graduate / Master Degree in Fine Arts at the Art
Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, USA.
Curatorial Studies, Center for Historic Preservation, IL
MFA – Illinois State University
MS – Illinois State university
BFA – Miami University

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